KIA Soul Car Giveaway

Your Chance To Win Our 2019 KIA Soul Starts Here!

KIA Soul Car Giveaway! It only takes ONE Golden Truth Ticket  to win the 2019, brand-new KIA Soul we'll be giving away on June 7th.

Welcome to The Golden Truth Ticket KIA Soul Car Giveaway! Golden Truth Ticket Sales End In...


What Is The Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes...

"...and why should you care!?"

On Monday, May 6, 2019 the Veritas Radio Network’s CRUSADE Channel is bringing old-school, 70’s and 80’s style listener contests to broadband, internet delivered radio, for the first time ever. In a contest called The Great Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes the CRUSADE Channel will employ one of the oldest gimmick “you must listen to win this awesome prize”, big-prize giveaways in the book: The KIA Soul Car Giveaway!

The KIA Soul is the highest rated compact car sold/made in the USA today and we are giving one away, just for listening to The CRUSADE Channel!


The station is not doing this on the cheap either with a Trump Chiapet or jelly of the month club as the grand prize, no sir, listeners will compete for the right to win  a brand-new, 2019, Kia Soul car! The KIA Soul is the highest rated compact car sold/made in the USA today and we are giving one away, just for listening to The CRUSADE Channel!

The founder of the Veritas Radio Network and CRUSADE Channel morning-show host, Mike Church (host of the longest running radio talkshow in the history of Sirius XM Satellite Radio) said of the contest: “What we're doing here is bringing back the fun of listening to one radio station all day long; in getting to know all the hosts and being an integral part of that station’s persona and promotional efforts. Modern, digitally delivered radio has made no attempt whatsoever to deliver a sense of community, camaraderie, and listener loyalty to their stations, we aim to change that!”

The CRUSADE Channel’s Great Golden Truth Ticket Kia Car Giveaway is an attempt to bring that community to audiences that have never experienced it. It should be great fun for all!

To participate in the contest all a listener has to do is listen to the CRUSADE Channel on our site OR download the CRUSADE Channel – Veritas Radio Network app; and begin listening every weekday morning to the Mike Church Show at 7:30 A.M. EST; just like your mothers and fathers did back in the FM morning show heydays of the 70s and 80s. Mike will play today’s Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes Digital Media File of The Day AND what number caller we will take today.  Listeners are then instructed to, as they would have been “back-in-the-day”,  “tune in the CRUSADE Channel and rip the knob off!” Sometime during the rest of the broadcast day one of the other hosts on the CRUSADE channel will play one of the three, pre-designated soundbites from movies played earlier that day. When a listener hears the soundbite they’re instructed to call the CRUSADE Channel Contest Line, 844-527-8723, and be the correct caller, and they win a free, Golden Truth Ticket which gives them a GREAT chance to win the Kia car at the station's live broadcast giveaway on Friday, June 7th.

Feeling Holy!? You Can Buy A Ticket & "Pay It Forward"!

Now you can donate your Golden Truth Ticket to any charitable cause or entity you choose using the Pay It Forward option! We've compiled a short list of non-profits we personally know and strongly support all year in their important apostolates. The non-profits we've selected so far for the KIA Soul Car Giveaway are The LePanto InstituteHogs For The Cause, Marys Advocates, Java Joy and The Saint Benedict Center

EVERYONE has a favorite charity or non-profit they love to support.

Did you know that you can "pay it forward" as many Golden Truth Tickets as you wish for YOUR favorite charity, non-profit or charitable person?

Use your imagination! Surely there are dozens of non-profits, charities or charity cases you know of that practicing the Christian virtue of Charity your GTT donation might benefit with a new, 2019, KIA Soul!

Take the story of Java Joy for example, they are one of our preferred, Pay It Forward, options. Here's Mike Church and Maggie O'Connell with the Java Joy kids last Golden Truth Ticket giveaway day.


The 2019 Goilden Truth Ticket is also an invitation to the grand prize drawing!

Founders Pass Members Can Buy GTT's At 10% Discount!

"Membership has its privileges" sayeth the old Amex commercial, well the same is true of becoming a Founders Pass member and gaining PREMIUM access to TheCRUSADE Channel! Not a Founders Pass member yet!? You can join for 30 days FREE and become eligible to win our 2019 KIA Soul, click here to get The CRUSADE Channel for FREE for 30 days, cancel anytime! The CRUSADE Channel, The Last LIVE! Radio Station Standing!


About the Car

"When you think of automotive icons, images of the Porsche 911 or the Mercedes-Benz G-class might spring to mind, but the funky Kia Soul is worthy of iconic status as well. While it's all new, the 2020 Kia Soul doesn't stray far away from its winning formula: A boxy, front-wheel-drive crossover SUV with inspired styling and a great price." - Car and Driver Magazine


The Last LIVE! Radio Station Standing!


The CRUSADE Channel was launched in 2015 and has logged over 41,000 hours of non-stop LIVE! broadcasting of our original radio shows that include the world-renowned Mike Church Show!


When you can't fire up our website or apps, don't worry, we've got you covered with the best, high-quality podcasts of our shows delivered in a 5 star world class app!


The CRUSADE Channel practices the moral principles of Solidarity and Subsidiarity in everything we do. This includes funding our upcoming, non-profit, CRUSADE Radio Academy; teaching the next generation the skills of LIVE! broadcasting and putting those skills to use in a world that sorely needs it.


Here are some common questions about The Golden Truth Ticket Sweepstakes.

How many tickets can I buy?

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Do I have to be present at the drawing to win the KIA Soul?

Can I "Pay It Forward" to a charity that's not on your list?

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